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Why Clixsense is the best PTC Site on the world 

As you know there are thousands of PTC Sites online already. But Clixsense offers you much more possibilitys than all other sites. Why? Here you can see the most important reasons.

  • You will earn up to 0.02$ per Adclick (thats much more than on other sites)
  • You can do many tasks/offers on Clixsense and also surveys that pay up to 8$ each (they got more than 50 offers/tasks to do)
  • They got the best afilliate programm of all ptc sites (see here for more info)
  • You can try your luck at ClixGrid (where you can win up to 10$ each day!)
  • They offer a browser Toolbar, so you`ll never miss any task/offer
  • They provide fast and good support
  • It`s one of the oldest and most trustable PTC Sites and is running already since 2007
How do i start?
  1. Click the "LINK" to get to the site
  2. SignUp at the site
  3. After confirming your account you can log in to your account
  4. You have many possibilitys to earn money: "view Ads"; "complete offers/tasks" or "play ClixGrid", click here for all options
  5. After you have reached the minimum payout of 6$ (or 8$ for non premium) you can request your money to Paypal, PayToo or via Check
So why are you still being here? Test it out by yourself and see how many advantages Clixsense offers to you!