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My first experiences with Clixsense 

How all started:

Earlier, I was just like you. I managed many PTC Sites and viewed the ads. Of course I couldn`t earn that much money and it took me very long to reach the minimum payout limit. But one day a friend of mine told me about Clixsense. So after thinking about if I still need a new site I gave it a try. After i logged in the first time I already noticed that this site got much more potential than all my other sites. So I started to view the 20 daily ads and i wondered about the high payment i get. After that I wanted to check the offers and I saw that there were much more offers than on any site I knew of before. "Trial Pay", "Radium One", "Peanut Labs", "Matomy", "SupersonicAds" and "Super Rewards". There were more than 50 Offers to complete. After doing the first offers I recognized that Clixsense also got tasks which you can complete. Of course it took me a bit to understand the system but after that I was going to earn really fast with the available tasks. By the way i saw that there are many surveys which you can complete. Most of them just take about 15 minutes of work and they really pay of. I completed 3 surveys the first day which payed me more than 6$!

Normally I was earning round about 0.1-0.2$ a day for viewing Ads at my other PTC Sites. At Clixsense I could earn more than 8$ just at the first day. Great, isn`t it?

Give it a try and test it out!
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