Earn fast and easy money online!

Abstract of Clixsense

How to earn even more! 

You have already registered at Clixsense, clicked the daily ads and still want to earn more money? Here I want to offer you a few possibilitys to get out everything from the site:
  • You can upgrade your account
Of course upgrading your account to the premium membership will cost you 17$. Anyway this invest will pay of very fast. You'll get twice the money for clicking ads, more chances for the ClixGrid game and more earnings from your referrals, if you have already some.
  • You can earn much money just by completing Offers
Most of them are very easy and you just have to register for a competition for example. After that you normally get payed 0.2$ up to 1$ (doing this is 100% free)
  • You can do surveys
This is the way of earning I advocate most. In most cases you have to rate new films, tell something about your favourite products or something like that. Filling a survey tasks from 5 to maximum 30 minutes normally. You can earn up to 8$ for each survey you complete (one of the best ways to earn fast and easy money!)
  • You can purchase products
You should only do this offers if you are really interested in the product. Those offers will cost you money but they are paied very good. Watch out! Sometimes you can find offers which will pay you more money than you have to invest to buy the product. You can earn up to 15$ with this method.
Be careful of downloads: They are often full of viruses and will influence your computer (Ads which will be displayed on your browser all the time)
  • You can complete tasks
This is one of the funniest ways to earn money at Clixsense. You have to do little jobs like rereading texts or help people to optimize their websites. At first you start at level 1 but if you do a few jobs you will level up very fast. The higher your level is the more money you will earn! You can get 0.1 up to 2.5$ for completing tasks.
  • You can play ClixGrid
It's very simple. You will see a picture and you must click on one of the fields. You have to wait 5 seconds while watching ads. After that you will see if you have won a price or not. You can get up to 10$ if you are lucky. Remember that it can take a longer time (1000 trys or more) until you win a price. You can increase your chance by getting a premium user, than you'll have 60 trys a day!
  • You can refer other people to Clixsense
Referring other people to the site can give you more than 500$ each month. It`s not very easy to get them registered under you. So I made an extra post for it, which you can find here.